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Hot stone massage therapy

The end goal of having a massage is to achieve some level of relaxation. There are different techniques that are used during the massage which include such as kneading, rolling, strokes and tapping. In this article, our focus technique is hot stone massage therapy.

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How is Hot stone Massage done?

This technique is very similar to any other massage but this time hot stones are used to warm specific body parts. The stones are usually from volcanic rocks and they are flat and smooth. Unlike other stones that lose heat easily, volcanic ones can retain heat for a longer duration. Hot stones can be applied on any body part but they work best on the feet, face, stomach, hands, or back.

In cases where your massage therapist is targeting deeper tissues, they hold the hot stones and roll them on the skin. Hot stones can reach inner muscles with minimal pressure from the therapist and that is why the technique is very efficient. The opposite of hot stones which is cold stones can also be used in some cases. Applying hot stones on swollen vessels can cause more harm than good and that is why it is recommended to use cold stones to calm the vessels.

There are many reasons as to why you should search Rapid City hot stone massage places near me in Rapid City but here are the major ones:

Used as a natural painkiller

Pain can happen in the body as a result of many conditions such as autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, or even injuries. A study that involved people with arthritis, rheumatoid, and fibromyalgia showed that moderate massage reduced pain significantly. Additionally, massage enhances flexibility and motion for people suffering from chronic conditions.

Reduce Stress and anxiety

Massage is a cool way to reduce stress because through massage cardiovascular health is improved. By having an efficient blood circulation system, the body is always relaxed because body organs are receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients.

Improved flexibility in body organs

Muscle tightness and tension is a major contributor to reduced flexibility. Massage can restore mobility by softening muscles. Tightness mostly affects joints especially for people living with a condition such as arthritis. Hot stone massage makes the joint more flexible and by so doing motion is restored. 

Reduced Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasm and tension is a very common problem and it can cause immense pain. Hot stone massage stimulates muscles helping them release toxins that cause inflammation.

Betters sleeping Habits

Some of the factors that interrupt quality sleep include stress, muscles soreness, fatigue, and pain. If you cannot sleep for up to 7 hours it means you have a problem and you should act now. One way to fix any of the above-said problems is having a massage from a professional. Having quality sleep comes with many benefits including a boosted immune system and more productivity at work.

Who should not have a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is linked to many health benefits but not everyone should have it. The category of people who should not have hot stone massage include:

People with broken skin

If you have recently gotten an injury that left you with broken skin you should avoid hot stone massage. This is because host stone massage can cause further damage to the already injured area and it can even create room for infections.

When fighting some infections

Infections usually cause a fever in the body and as a result, placing a hot stone on the body can be very uncomfortable. There is no harm in having this massage but the problem is the end feeling. The aim of having a massage is to feel happier and more relaxed and therefore you should avoid it if it is not achieving the same.

People with Heart-related Complications

Heart diseases usually cause swelling in the vein. Hot stone massage applies heat on blood vessels and it can cause serious damage to incase you have swollen veins. If you’re not sure of your readiness to have a hot stone massage you should consult your doctor for advice.

People living with Diabetes

Diabetes interrupts the normal functioning of both nerves and blood vessels. This is why diabetic people lose the sense of feeling especially in fingers and legs. This is a risk because sometimes it might be difficult to detect too much heat and therefore chances of getting injured are very high.

People fighting some form of drug use

Drugs such as alcohol affect the sense of judgment. A hot stone massage is effective if the client can give some feedback during the session. A person under drugs might lose the sense of feeling and they can get injured without noticing. Always have a hot stone massage when sober to enjoy maximum benefits.

Closing thoughts

Hot stone massage can be very helpful in your wellness journey because it helps in reducing stress, anxiety and it can even help clear pain. Additionally, it helps in reducing muscle tension, and therefore it is a sure way to achieve relaxation. If you are searching for Rapid City hot stone massage places near me in Rapid City, Graceful Touch is there for you. Graceful Touch address is 2040 W Main St #209 or you can also contact us via phone at 605-574-1998. 

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Guy is a dedicated vegan, who prefers natural remedies to treat root causes of physiological problems, instead of turning to medication to merely treat symptoms. When he learned in December 2017 he was suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), he turned to massage as a potential answer for his problem. Rather than engage massage as a client, Guy chose to become a massage practitioner and enrolled in the Black Hills School of Massage in Hermosa, SD. He is now licensed to provide Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point massage among other modalities. He, and his wife Irene who is also a massage practitioner, have joined forces with the Fountain of Youth Waterstore in Rapid City where they provide clients with comforting relief from body aches and pains. Be sure to ask Guy what happened with his blood pressure when you see him for your initial treatment session.

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