Improve Sleep

Improve Sleep 1

How can one fall 😫asleep⏱️ within 10 seconds?

For you to fall asleep very fast, you need to do the following;
You should ⌛relax ⌛all of your muscles including those in the mouth.
Relax your shoulders to release tension.
You need to exhale while relaxing your chest.
Make sure that your legs, thighs and calves are relaxed. 
Finally clear your mind as you imagine a relaxing scene for ten seconds.

How can one 🛏️sleep🛏️ for a longer time?

It would help if you established a relaxing and quite bedtime routine.
Always🍗 relax 🍗your body as you sleep.
Your bedroom should be conducive to facilitate sleep.
Avoid taking drinks that have caffeine during your entire afternoon.
Exercise regularly, avoid smoking and go to bed when you are sleepy.

How can I 🏨sleep🏨 better and naturally at night?

Make a sleeping routine of when to sleep and wake up.
Avoid sleeping during the day or weekends.
Avoid after dinner ⛅drowsiness.
Enjoy morning sunlight⛅ and spend more time outside during daylight.

What should I avoid before going to 🏩bed?

You should try and avoid the following; avoid any kind of technology, avoid the sleeping💊 pills💊, avoid alcohol, avoid working from your bedroom, avoid eating fatty foods and make sure that you don’t exercise.