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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition in places where people are involved in a lot of activities. This explains why Rapid City has a ton of these cases following the fact that it is a busy city. But wait, what is this Carpal tunnel syndrome all about? Well, the condition is characterized by numbing in fingers and the thumb, tingling, weakness, and sometimes the whole arm may be in pain. The burning pain is a signal indicating that the median nerve that passes through the wrist is under pressure.

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Massage Therapy for Carpal tunnel Syndrome

The most cost-effective and long-term solution for this condition is massage therapy. Through lengthening and softening of muscles, numbness and pain caused by the pressurized median nerve are addressed almost immediately.

At Graceful Touch in Rapiod city, Massage therapy is affordable and with as low as $25 you can get a basic massage but for a specialized form of massage, may cost upto $120. Your insurance cover may also pay some expenses for you but you should confirm the exact amount with your insurance company.

Another advantage of massage therapy for Carpal tunnel Syndrome at Graceful Touch is the chances of relieving other parts of the body. In many cases, a massage therapist will offer a comprehensive deep tissue massage which is a sure way to release tension, especially on the trigger points.

At Graceful Touch, massage therapy session takes between 2-3 hours. This duration allows your massage therapist to give full attention to your affected arm. What makes it even more effective is making the entire body feel relaxed since the package is designed to heal the entire body.

What factors are likely to Cause Carpal tunnel Syndrome to Rapid City Residents?


Research has shown that carpal tunnel in women is smaller when compared to men. This explains why the condition is more common to women 

Nerve related illness

Some diseases such as diabetes are known to affect the nervous system. The median nerve is not spared in case one is affected by a chronic nerve-damaging condition.

Wrist bone deformation

Several factors may cause dislocation of this important bone such as wrist fracture and arthritis. Any condition that shrinks the carpal tunnel is likely to cause Carpal tunnel Syndrome. 

Inflammatory conditions. 

Inflammation is known to destroy the tendon’s lining. Misalignment of tendons always causes some pressure on the median nerve thus Carpal tunnel Syndrome.

Drugs usage

Some forms of medication especially cancer-related treatment may cause this condition. Studies have shown that a good number of women who undergo breast cancer treatment are likely to suffer carpal tunnel syndrome.

Being obese

Obesity is known to cause heart attack, diabetes, and hypertension. A new study has now added carpal tunnel syndrome to the list and it is now clear that massive weight loss may cure this condition. Weight loss improves the flow of blood which is a major cause of numbness that is experienced by people living with the syndrome.

Working Environment

Ensuring that your working environment is safe is very important if at all you want to stay away from carpal tunnel syndrome. Exposer to continuous vibrations may create pressure on the media nerve especially if you are using your arms to operation some machines. If you can’t avoid this, always use tools with antivibration features to protect yourself from possible carpal tunnel syndrome.

What symptoms should hint at a possible carpal tunnel syndrome condition?

Burning pain and numbness

If you experience some pain in either middle, ring, or index finger or even thumb followed by tingling and numbness, then you are likely to test positive for carpal tunnelsyndrome.

Sensations that are directed to the fingers

carpal tunnel syndrome is known to create a shock-like effect on your arm. 

feeling weak and loss of proprioception

If sometimes you are not aware where your hands are or you are weak to the extent of dropping things, carpal tunnel syndrome could be manifesting. This happens gradually and that’s why people tend to ignore it until it gets very serious.

In many cases, this symptom is manifested during the night based on the fact that many people keep their wrist bent while asleep. During the day everything might look good until one is involved in some prolonged activities.

Natural Methods used to Manage Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Rapid City

Take Frequent Breaks After Repetitive Tasks

Just like any other parts of your body, you should rest your wrist for a few minutes after work. Whether you are playing guitar or even typing, stop for a few minutes and stretch your hands and fingers.

Use Hands Warmers

Heat can help stop stiffness which is a major cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Try Wrist Exercise

Quick exercise such as making a fist can relieve pressure on the median nerve. The good thing with these simple exercises is you can do it anywhere without even being noticed.

Try Wrist Elevations

This syndrome is sometimes caused by swelling that is caused by fluid retention. Elevating your wrist help in releasing body fluids and this can be a quick home remedy to relieve the median nerve.


Carpal tunnel syndromeis a preventable condition. Simple self-care efforts such as resting, exercise, or maintaining a good posture can keep you away from this syndrome. For CTS related symptoms such as numbness, pain, and inflammation, massage therapy at Graceful Touch can be a quick solution for you. This condition is very painful, especially if not fixed at the early stages. The syndrome has become very common in the current world but the good thing is it’s a treatable disorder.

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