Terms of Use

Our Terms & Conditions

Kindly spare your 10 minutes to read and understand our terms of use.


You can book an appointment with Graceful Touch Massage Rapid City, SD, in several ways.

It can be via phone call, email, website, or even text message. To confirm your booking, our team will send a notification and a reminder before your appointment date.

Cancellation Policy

A 24 hours’ notice is required for a successful cancellation of an appointment. This is to avoid inconveniences which may come with short notes. A charge of $25 is applied to a client who misses their session without at least 24 hours notice. This charge should cover preparation costs since, with short notices, replacements are impossible.

Late Arrivals

Keeping time is very important to Graceful Touch Massage Rapid City, SD. Please note we will not add missed time since we will interfere with subsequent treatments.


Graceful Touch Massage Rapid City, SD takes the responsibility of safeguarding the records collected via our website. Under no circumstances will Graceful Touch sell, share, or distribute any information without knowledge of the owner. We use electronic procedures to ensure maximum security is enhanced to our clients’ personal details.


All Massage Therapists at Graceful Touch Massage Rapid City, SD are experienced and professional. Guy & Irene, who are both graduates from Black Hills School of Massage, are co-founders of Graceful Touch, and both have SD Therapeutic Licenses.

To ensure safety of our clients, personal hygiene is observed. Massage requires close contact, and therefore a high level of cleanliness is critical.

For underage clients, a guardian or a parent must be involved. The parent will negotiate the massage plan and sign a consultation form on behalf of the minor.

Clients who demonstrate inappropriate behaviors will not be spared at Graceful Touch. A total or partial ban will be imposed by the practitioner, and criminal proceedings may follow. Graceful Touch Massage Rapid City, SD retains a right of not working with such clients.


Clients are required to provide accurate information regarding their medical background. Despite the many benefits that come with massage, our services should not substitute ongoing medical treatment unless advised so by a qualified medical specialist.

Just like Graceful Touch has a right to terminate treatment at any time, the client can terminate or modify therapy at any time.