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Are you that person whose dreams are always to be the best massage therapist in the town? As long as you have the desire to be one, you can join your nearest massage training school and pursue your career. But wait where can you get the best massage training in Rapid City?

Graceful Touch is in the process of starting a program that will help you become exactly what you desire. For people who are already practicing massage, but want to advance their skills, Graceful Touch also has a package for you. Graceful Touch address is 756 Earleen #A or you can also contact us via phone at 605-574-1998.

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Finding the nearest massage training school can be a bumpy ride especially if you don’t know exactly what you want. Working under a professional who is already practicing is the best way to go because you get a chance to get hands-on skills. Rapid City is growing at a very high rate and demand for massage is rising as well. As people are discovering more about the benefits of massage, a demand for more experts is rising…

To successfully operate as a massage therapist in the US you should follow several steps which include:

Taking required examinations and getting certified

In the United States, every state has a way of regulating its health system to ensure its citizens are safe. To ensure you are not on the wrong side of the law, always check with your state the requirements before launching the operation. Generally, different states set a minimum number of hours of study before granting an operation license to a therapist. MBLEx which stands for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination is in charge of licensing and they ensure only qualified people are offering massage services.

The second thing you should ensure is your skills are up to standards. Some people make the mistake of taking a course and then assuming their skills will be relevant forever. This can be very dangerous and it can contribute to the fall of the business. Competitors always look for a business gap to take advantage and therefore it is your responsibility to study the latest massage philosophies and techniques to ensure your customers are getting the best service. With modern technology, it is easy to learn the latest trend in the market because you just need to check massage blogs, journals, newsfeeds, or even podcasts and you will have adequate knowledge to run the business.

Another way to up your game in the field of massage is taking extra certifications such as ones offered by NCBTMB. By taking extra certificates other than the compulsory ones you prove to be an expert and people will trust you more. Remember many therapists who join the market have an entry-level qualification and therefore by not having extra certification you are considered to be at the same level. This will mainly happen for a therapist who relies on employment other than self-employment to operate. The employer always looks for the best and any additional skill may help you win the job.

The average salary for a massage therapist

Massage therapy is a career just like any other and how much you get paid will be determined by several factors. Some of the factors that make the difference include where you live, the type of massage you offer, and the level of experience. All the same, the US Bureau of labor has some average figures and it is estimated that a massage therapist earns an income of $47,180 and year. The figures can get as low as $29,349 per year according to American Massage Therapy Association. One thing that is common in all areas is the more experienced you are the more you are likely to get paid. This means by always making your skill better through adding certification and gaining experience, you are sure of a reward in the future.

Final Thoughts

Growing a career that focuses on bringing up a healthy community is a perfect decision. Massage therapy is considered an integral part in the world of health considering the many health benefits it brings. To learn more about what you need to become a massage therapist, you can visit your nearby massage training school or simply search massage training near me.

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Guy is a dedicated vegan, who prefers natural remedies to treat root causes of physiological problems, instead of turning to medication to merely treat symptoms. When he learned in December 2017 he was suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), he turned to massage as a potential answer for his problem. Rather than engage massage as a client, Guy chose to become a massage practitioner and enrolled in the Black Hills School of Massage in Hermosa, SD. He is now licensed to provide Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point massage among other modalities. He, and his wife Irene who is also a massage practitioner, have joined forces with the Fountain of Youth Waterstore in Rapid City where they provide clients with comforting relief from body aches and pains. Be sure to ask Guy what happened with his blood pressure when you see him for your initial treatment session.

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