Box Elder City:Top 5 Things to do

Box Elder city is located near Northwest Utah’s corner and is one of the famous holiday destinations for the tourists who love to visit beautiful mountains covered by the forests. Also, there are vast stretches of desert and there are many recreational activities to do.


Bridging in the Box Elder County

Arguably it is one of the best tourist attractions in Box Elder City the county and tourists can greatly enjoy the bird watching destination along with the bear river migratory bird refuge. Especially in the fall the bird refuge is best destination for the waterfowl hunting. The hunting season of waterfowl is extended till winter.

This bird refuge is consisting of eighty thousand acres of land and is hosting more than 250 different species of the birds. Bird lovers can see 30 species of shorebirds, and 29 species of geese, swans, and ducks. The other important bird species in this area are northern goshawk, chipping sparrows, and willow fly catchers.

Crystal Hot Springs

Once in Box Elder City,there was home to the native American generations due to presence of abundant mineral contents in the hot springs throughout the world. Due to mineral buildup a funky color is developed in the water. Without any doubt enjoying the mild hot and good temperature springs and pools is one of the most enjoyable things.

The golden spike historic spike

At this place, visitors can enjoy natural historic site and can spot the gold spike and can participate in the reenactment activities. Tourists can enjoy working replicas, pictures, and air crafts of the steam locomotives and a good portion of historical railroad grade. This place is really special and the trip to this place can be a wonderful source of vegetables and fruits.

The Fruit Way

In the communities of Perry and Willard, highway 89 is declared as official fruit way. There are countless fruiting trees standing along the roadsides and highway between Willard and Brigham city and the view is significantly breathtaking in the peach season. Tourists can purchase fresh and tasty peaches and can enjoy the great original taste.

The Spiral Jetty and Sun Tunnels

These two places in Box Elder City are world famous and renowned spaces that were created by the artist husband and wife. Roberts spiral jetty is 15 feet wide, and 1500 feet long. It is rock shaped wide mass of cement like a spiral resting. After drought it is most visible and is attracting many people from the world.

The sun tunnels are comprised of 4 concrete tunnels that are forming X shaped configuration in the desert. Each tunnel is 18 feet long, with an exterior diameter of about 9 feet and 2.5 inches.

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