Famous People from Rapid City SD (7+ Individuals Identified)

Rapid City South Dakota is also known as the land of great faces and great places. There are many people who gained fame, respect and a high name that came from this area.

7+ Famous People From Rapid City

Bob Barker

He is a well-loved, and honored celebrity from South Dakota and he hosted an amazing show the price is right for more than thirty-five years. He has inspired many people due to this excellent communication and a wonderful personality.

January Jones

She is well known and beloved personality due to her role in the American wedding, X-Men, and Madmen. She is a true native of Rapid City South Dakota and has made a great difference due to her character.

Russel Means

Russel Means was a presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party of the US, but unfortunately, he could not win its position. He has appeared in the Natural Born Killers and the last of the Mohicans.

Amy Hill

She was born in Deadwood is both writer and actress. She is the most beloved and well-known personality due to her role in  Dr. Seuss, Lilo and Stitch, 50 first dates, and the cat in the hat. She also appeared in the Big Fat Liar, Max Keeble’s big move, and That’s so raven series.

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Marry Hart

She is well known for her role in the Family Guy Presents, Macy’s thanksgiving day parade. She has also hosted a show, entertainment tonight. Her graduation is in the English language and was a winner of Miss South Dakota in the last century. She also appeared in the TV series known as Fraisier, JAG, and all of us.

Cheryl Ladd

She got popularity from her amazing role in Charlie’s angles, Poison IVY, and Millenium. She was the foremost important choice for an excellent and leading role in the TV movie but then she turned down her part.

Pat O Brien

He is native of South Dakota and has hosted the Insider and Access Hollywood. In 2008 he handed over his duties to another host after an alcohol-related scandal.

Gary Owens

He is a perfectly gifted voice actor who first worked in the South Dakota Rapid City radio station and then made his career in the voice announcer on Rowan and Martin Laugh-in.

Rachael Bella

She is both model and actress and started her career by playing a role in horror movies. She also appeared in the American gun, Boston Public and the Crucible.

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