Hill City And 5 Of Its Most Famous People (Hill City SD Fame)

Since 1786 when the major turnaround was made about gold strike many colorful characters were attracted to Hill City. Soon it became a wooliest and wildest town in the world. Many famous people from Black Hills City are well known for their remarkable achievements and their characters.

Hill City And 5 Of Its Most  Famous People (Hill City SD Fame) 1

5 Famous People With Roots In Hill City

Theodore Roosevelt

He was 26th president of the nation and he visited this city many times. He gave many speeches and his remarkable speech about Veranda still stands today. This speech is still listened to and appreciated. He relied on his fellow and friend for training his sons in the Western frontier ways and named Bullock to the first-ever superintendent of the national forest of Black Hills.

Kevin Costner

He won an award in the category of best academy producer, actor, director, and stumbled on Deadwood near to the Black Hills for his epic filming production, “Dances with Wolves” and also retained his presence and got famous in town with his elegant restaurant, sports bar, and midnight star casino. He became significantly famous due to his attractions Bill and Sharon, Coster’s parents, Tatanka, and the story of Bison.

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James Butler Wild Bill Hickok

Although he visited this place for only a few weeks but due to famed lawman, cardsharp, gunfighter, and scout he became the most famous person and permanent resident of the town.

Calvin Coolidge

In the summer of 1927, he went to the Black Hills and took part in the 76 celebrations of Deadwood. Due to his wonderful achievement, he got adopted as a chief leading eagle by Lakota. The president posed for various photographs and donned a headdress. He played a significant role in the celebration of the 51 anniversary of Deadwood’s settlement.

William Howard Taft

He was the 27th president of the nation and he traveled to Black Hills City in October 1911. He swings through Deadwood, Black Hills, and South Dakota during three days period. There he made many speeches. He also had lunch at the famous Franklin hotel and he was awarded the gold brick paperweight of about 15 ounces. This gold brick was donated by the local mining concerns to appreciate his efforts and struggle for bringing improvement and development in this area.

Other than these persons, many presidents of US, athletes, and successful writers have also visited the Black Hills. Among them, the famous person is John L.Sullivaon (a famous boxing champion), a legend of the western movie John Wayne, Monaco’s Prince Albert II, and David Milch and award-winning writer.


Why is Badlands Park🐘famous?

With the richest fossil beds, this national park is a great study place for scientists. Studies on how the evolution of common mammals such as rhino, horse, and particular species of cat🐀occurred is done here. Other studies on reptiles, amphibians, and even birds are done here as well.

What area is covered by🏠 Hill City?

Hill City South Dakota covers an area of 3.42 km²

What is the favorite 🍲local food in South Dakota?

Though it may vary from individuals, a more significant percentage of people 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦who take a food adventure in Rapid City recommends the following seven foods
Buffalo, Fudge, Wojapi, Walleye, Kalache, Indian Tacos, and Chislic

What crops🌱 are grown in South Dakota?

Corn, wheat, and soybeans🌰are the leading crops in South Dakota

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