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Couples Massage

Couples Massage 1

Couple massage in Rapid City is just like any other massage but the difference is partners have a massage simultaneously. The massage is done in separate beds or tables with partners getting the service from different therapists. The venue of massage is usually a private room with showers, lounging areas, hot tubs, and other spa […]

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Hyperpronation massage

Hyperpronation massage 2

Foot bones can suffer from different conditions and without a thorough understanding of Hyperpronation complications, it might be difficult to establish a solution. Your feet might pronate as a result of shock absorption or inward roll. This is a natural occurrence and it might happen when running or even when walking. Hyperpronation happens when the […]

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Orthotic Massage

Orthotic massage

Orthotic massage is one of the unique massage techniques because it is designed to correct a specific health condition. Other forms of massage are mostly for relaxation or for relieving tension in the muscles. Orthotics massage is different because it is customized and is considered as a form of treatment.  People living in Rapid City […]

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