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Looking for a couples massage?  You’ve come to the right place.

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These sessions take place in our home office.  We will provide the address when booking your spot.

Here is what people are saying on Google about Graceful Touch massage.

I work in a busy kitchen. There is a lot of lifting, turning, twisting and walking. The last thing I want to be holding me back is pain and discomfort. That’s why I turn to massage and turned to Graceful Touch. After having a massage from Guy just one time I felt tons better. Each time I schedule a massage my body just keeps responding by feeling better and better. I’m glad I found Graceful Touch, and I love their new location. It’s a privilege to benefit from all the knowledge and experience of Guy and Irene. – Jennifer Davis

Thanks Jennifer

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Gift Certificates:  Great for yourself or ones you love.  May be used either in individual or couples sessions.

Graceful Touch Massage Therapy Gift Certificates

Individual Discounts: We help both couples and individuals save in massage.  Here, first-time clients can purchase a massage and save $30.

If you have questions give us a call at 605.574.1998.

Guy & Irene Siverson

PS: Another of our happy customers had this to say:

Guy at Graceful Touch massage is the most effective massage therapist that’s ever worked on me. Very professional and he’s extremely proficient and knowledgeable about the process. He explains what he feels as he’s working on you and what I like best is he’ll find a sore area, work on that area and then when he’s completed the tissue massage he’ll show you how effective it was by showing you how much the pain has subsided or how much more easily it is to bend or move further than before the condition you came in with. I’m an extremely happy patient. – Stew Mehlhaff

Thanks Stew

Currently, we have 46+ Google 5 star reviews and growing.  Apparently we are doing something right.  Check out the rest of our Google reviews here.

PSS:  Here is more information on couples massage that you might want to checkout.

FAQ’s on a Couples Massage In Rapid City

Couples Massage Rapid City – 10 Reasons Why

PSSS:  In case you missed it up top here is the link to save big on Couple’s Massage now.

What is a full💆 body massage? Does it include private parts?

The full body massage does not include your genitals. It usually includes your arms, legs👣, hands, feet, neck, back, butts, and stomach. However, the areas around your breasts are massaged, but the breasts are not massaged.

Why is couple👨‍❤️‍👨 massage necessary?

The reason for a couple massage is purely for bonding. Massage is believed to release oxytocin, which is a love hormone that is responsible for love and affection. The main reason as to why💑 couples go for Couples💑 massage is to increase affection between them.

Do I need to shave🐩 legs👣 before my massage?

Yes, you can shave your legs before the massage. However, you need to do it not less than ⏱️four hours⏱️ before your massage schedule appointment. The oils products that your therapist may be using can irritate newly shaven skin.

What can I wear👗 for a full body massage?

For a full-body massage, you can keep your pants intact or go entirely in the buff. You will be amazed that your 👨‍therapist👨‍ is skilled in protecting your nakedness. You will feel so comfortable since they are professionals.