Introducing Easy Ways to Save With Graceful Touch

Introducing Easy Ways to Save With Graceful Touch 1

Sometimes the most obvious answers are smack dab in front of you and yet you do not see them.

Such is the case with this brand new as of 5-1-2020 concept that we are rolling out.

We at Graceful Touch understand that these are difficult times.

As such we are now offering massage therapy by trade or barter.

How to Barter or Trade for Massage Therapy with Graceful Touch

First, think about what type of services or talents you have.

Then, simply bring your ideas to us.

We will consider each idea carefully and creatively to see how we might be able to best benefit each other.

If you think this idea sounds interesting, then we would ask you to do us a favor.

Simply let your friends and family both online and offline know what we are bringing to the market right here in Rapid City, SD.

Thanks in advance.

Here are some potential ideas that we would consider trading services or talents for:

NOTE:  The following are not listed in any specific order, nor is it an exhaustive list but rather food for thought to help spur on your own creative juices.

  1. Introducing Easy Ways to Save With Graceful Touch 2

    Handyman services including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, construction, and more.

  2. Outreach to Rapid City increasing the number of people that know about Graceful Touch.
  3. Digital Marketing talent including social media marketing, pay per click, and search engine optimization.
  4. House cleaning, laundry, and other household duties and responsibilities.
  5. Gardening of flowers and plants. 
  6. Bookkeeping, record keeping, and organization services.


You can gift your time and talent to others within this program.

If we cannot find something that works for everyone then we have a plan B.

Pay What You Can Afford for the Same High-Quality Professional Massage

While our Muscle Therapy work is $74.99 hourly, we have 3 ways you can save.

Select any one of the following links to tap into instant savings from Graceful Touch.  Yes, we too have bills and expenses, but we believe that as we help where and when we can it will at some point return to us.

In fact, we do not only believe that, but we have seen it repeatedly in our lives even before we became Massage Therapists.

10% Off 60 Minute Table Massage

20% Off 60 Minute Table Massage

30% Off 60 Minute Table Massage

If neither of these programs is a perfect fit for you, we are open to other ideas and considerations as they arise.  Let us help one another through these tough times in hopes of a brighter future tomorrow.