Dr Fuji Massage Chair Reviews

Are you looking for Dr Fuji massage chair reviews? Then you have come to the right place. Originating from the land of contemplative and relaxing tea gardens and the rising sun comes one of the leading massage chairs in the market today – the Dr Fuji massage chair. The unmistakable appeal of these chairs has penetrated the international market and found its way to American soil today.  

But what can you expect from this massage chair? This review will let you in on one of the best-kept secrets in the massage industry.


  • Introducing The Dr Fuji Massage Chair
  • More on Dr. Fuji Massage Chairs
  • Examples of Dr Fuji Massage Chairs
  • Why Buy Dr Fuji Massage Chairs?
  • Concluding Thoughts on Dr Fuji Massage Chair

Introducing the Dr Fuji Massage Chair Reviews

Dr Fuji Review
Dr Fuji Massage Chair Review

The Dr Fuji massage chair originates from the west of Japan. Today, it is ranked among the leading Japanese made chairs available on the marketplace. In particular, it can offer extreme personal happiness and bliss – with a variety of options to meet your needs and requirements.

In particular, this massage chair comes with different adjustable outer shoulder massagers. Other features include roller systems to massage your body straight from the tailbone and up the neck – while you are seated in the upright posture.

An example of the chairs in this line of products includes the Dr Fuji FJ-4600 massage chair. The FJ-4600 massage chair is as soft as it is sharp-looking. Ranked among the most comfortable chairs you can find anywhere, it is black in color – with silver trimmings. These features are particularly attractive to people who are looking for more than function but who also appreciate a bit of panache in form. While most Dr Fuji massage chairs are decidedly Japanese in structure, the FJ-4600 also comes with many different features. These include, but are not always limited to:

a) Microcomputer Control

The chair comes with a microcomputer to control it. This microcomputer is programmed so that it can soothe your muscles, alleviate any stress you might be feeling, and increase your energy. Further, these programmed features are designed to enhance your blood circulation.

b) Automated Massage Programs

Additionally, this Dr Fuji massage chair comes with 14 sets of highly automated massage programs. The most popular of these programs include the deep, the Thai, the Japanese, and the Chinese massage therapy options.

c) Zero-G Technology

In the same way, when you invest in the FJ-4600, you can be sure that it will come with Zero-G technology to improve your relaxation. This technology ensures that you will be getting deep massages – most of which transcend acupressure.

d) Airbags

Last but not least, this chair comes with 32 airbags. This means that it can provide compression massages. In the same way, you can use these airbags to customize your massage experience.  

Although there are other options in the marketplace (as you can see from Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Reviews, Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair Reviews, and EC77 Massage Chair Reviews), Dr Fuji massage chairs have some unique features but not as unique as having your organization enjoy our chair massage program.

More on Dr. Fuji Massage Chairs

According to recent statistics, more than 80% of all Americans complain about feeling stressed by their jobs. Additionally, close to 40% of all interviewed workers claimed that they needed help in stress management. Most of these people battle back pain on a daily basis.

Additional studies show that those who receive massage therapy on a regular basis end up enjoying a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include and encompass the following:

  • Better mental health
  • Fewer stress injuries
  • Stronger immune systems

It is because of these benefits that doctors recommend that you get massage. However, since it might not be possible – due to time, energy, and financial constrictions – to get a massage on a regular basis, why not invest in a Dr Fuji massage chair?

Today, Dr Fuji USA is among the leading health companies producing medical equipment and health products. As such, the company has been helping both individuals and businesses improve their health.

Some of the personal gains that you stand to gain when you invest in a Dr Fuji massage chair include improvements in self-motivation and self-esteem. Additionally, these chairs can bring about measurable health benefits – leading to great advantages for everyone concerned.  

Examples of Dr Fuji Massage Chairs

But what are the best Dr Fuji massage chairs? According to reviews from different customers located all over the country, the following are the top massage chairs from the Dr Fuji line of products:  

  • Fujiiryoki EC-3700: With this chair, you should be able to receive cyber-relax massage experiences in the reclining position.    
  • Fujiiryoki EC-3800: This chair can provide 28 different massage types.   
  • Fujiiryoki FJ-4300: This is a cyber-relax massage chair; it comes with 4 roller massage experiences.
  • Fujiiryoki FJ-4800: The FJ-4800 is designed with the cyber-relax feature for professional massage experiences.   
  • uKnead Lavita Massage Chair: This chair provides both heat and zero-gravity massage experiences.   

Why Buy Dr Fuji Massage Chairs?

But why should you invest in Dr Fuji massage chairs? Essentially, all the products in the Dr Fuji line are designed to ensure that you have one of the best massage experiences imaginable. This means that when you invest in any of these products, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • They are designed to provide professional massage experiences
  • The chairs are reasonably priced, with some affordable options as well as a couple of high-end chairs if you are looking to spend some more to enjoy a couple of extra features and benefits
  • These chairs are ergonomically designed with a wide range of customizable features
  • There are many different varieties of Dr Fuji massage chair, so you should be able to choose the one that best meets your needs

Concluding Thoughts on Dr Fuji Massage Chair

With a Dr Fuji massage chair, therefore, you can finally wave goodbye to aching, stressful muscles and welcome a lifestyle of happiness, health, and wellness. This is why the company continues receiving positive reviews all around from happy, satisfied customers.  

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