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Are you searching for a Rapid City massage chair product that literally pushes the envelope with its cutting-edge technology? Then you might be interested in reading Fujimi massage chair reviews.


  1. Introducing Fujimi Massage Chairs
  2. The Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair
  3. Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair
  4. Fujimi EP 9000 Massage Chair
  5. Pros Fujimi Massage Chairs
  6. Cons of Fujimi Massage Chairs
  7. Concluding Thoughts on Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews

Introducing Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews

Fujimi Review
Fujimi Massage Chair Review

Fujimi massage chairs were designed to be the ultimate in the massage chair industry. The manufacturer has cut no corners in its production. Further, they did not leave any stone unturned with regards to the product offerings.

The company has 3 main chairs in its lineup. These include the Fujimi 9000, 8800, and 7000 massage chairs. All of these options share some features – with every one of them building upon the previous model.

The Fujimi EP 7000 Massage Chair

The Fujimi EP 7000 massage chair does not spare any expenses with regards to its design and features. Everything starts from the track that this chair is built around. To be more specific, this Fujimi massage chair uses an L/S track staggering to 53 inches in total.

Further, it has quad rollers designed to follow your spine’s natural curvature. These rollers allow the track to extend all the way down to your thighs and glutes – making for the ultimate massage experience.

Additional features that you will get if you invest in the Fujimi EP 7000 massage chair include:

  • Adjustable and extendable ottoman
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Adjustable timer
  • Air massage mode
  • Carbon fiber heating
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Foot and calf massage
  • Intelligent rollers
  • It comes with the following pre-programmed massage experiences: comfort, relax, ache relief, upper body, and lower body massage
  • Memory slots
  • Mp3 support
  • Plenty of options, including kneading, squeezing, tapping, pressing, and twisting
  • Space saving technology
  • Zero-gravity seating

However, as we mentioned above, we would be reviewing all the Fujimi massage chairs available in the market today. To this end, the features that we have just listed in the section above are also available with the Fujimi EP 9000 and the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chairs.

Fujimi EP 8800 Massage Chair

Second on this list of Fujimi massage chairs is the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair. When you invest in this second option, you will get an upgrade to most of the features that you would have got from the 7000. Consider the following:

  • However, the user-friendliness of the remote control suffers
  • It boasts a waist stretch function
  • It comes with a highly improved foot massage
  • The air massage system has been upgraded, including the addition of 33-second-generation airbags
  • The chair comes with magnetic therapy
  • The Fujimi 8800 massage chair also provides a variety of massage techniques, including a combination of kneading and tapping, kneading, knocking, shiatsu, and tapping
  • The Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair has a swing hip function to relieve any pressure you might be feeling on the discs that are compressed in the spine
  • The Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair provides more massage options, including auto (rush group), memo (campaign group), neck and shoulder (student group), waist stretch (computer user group), full (labor group), back and waist (house group), swing hip (beauty love group), and whole body airbag (old age group).
  • There are two notable absences in the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair, including the lack of one memory slot and mp3 support

From the absences in the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair, it might be surprising for you to learn that this later model has stripped off some popular features that you would get with the 7000. However, this seems to be a cost-control measure from the manufacturer – which is not too bad considering that they have added so many 2nd generation airbags to this later model.

You can also find similar products by reading Fujita Massage Chair Reviews, Homcom Massage Chair Reviews, and HT 135 Massage Chair Reviews.

Fujimi EP 9000 Massage Chair

Last on our list of Fujimi massage chairs is the Fujimi EP 9000 massage chair. This chair boasts 4 major improvements and changes that differentiate this chair from the EP 8800.

Consider the following:

  • It provides negative oxygen ions, a niche feature that is similar to the magnetic therapy that you would get if you invested in the EP 8800
  • The Fujimi EP 9000 massage chair comes with three memory slots; this feature is not available in the previous model
  • The Fujimi EP 9000 massage chair has MP3 support, which is lacking in the previous model
  • The Fujimi EP 9000 massage chair provides one of the best foot massage experiences in the Fujimi line of products; this experience will maximize the therapy that your feet will receive
  • The MP3 support on the EP 9000 boasts an upgrade in the sense that you can connect this system directly to your phone; this means that you no longer have to download music to listen to it on this chair
  • The negative oxygen ion feature is an air purification system that will gently blow clean and fresh negative ions of oxygen on the face while you are getting a massage on this chair

Pros Fujimi Massage Chairs

One of the main advantages of Fujimi massage chairs is that all three of them come with zero gravity positioning.

Cons of Fujimi Massage Chairs

  • The EP 7000 is disadvantageous in the sense that has so few airbags
  • When you invest in the Fujimi 9000 massage chair, you will have to spend a great deal of money since it is one of the most expensive massage chairs available in the market today
  • With the Fujimi EP 8800 massage chair, you won’t get MP3 player support

Concluding Thoughts on Fujimi Massage Chair Reviews for Rapid City

Despite the disadvantages listed above, Fujimi massage chairs are some of the best products you can find on the marketplace today. In fact, these chairs are – by all means – well-crafted and exquisitely designed.

Last but not least, they boast a wide variety of hard-hitting features. As such, you can always rely on a Fujimi massage chair to provide all the therapeutic benefits you would typically expect from a high-quality massage chair of their caliber. The fact that these seats look good is another unexpected treat that most people do not get to enjoy.

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