Top 10 Head and Eye Massagers – Part 1

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Listing Best Head & Eye Massagers On Amazon

Amazon provides us with many resources to help us make it from day today. When it comes to headaches or eye strain Amazon is still your place to turn.

Here Are The Best Head Massagers On Amazon

Headaches are no fun. That’s why securing a head massager from Amazon can be of great aid in overcoming pain and discomfort. The following list outlines just some of the head massagers that will be covered in this report.

  1. Electric Eye Massager
  2. F01 Eye Massager Sonic
  3. LPY Eye Massager Glasses
  4. NORLANYA Electric Head Massager
  5. Panasonic EH-SW51-P Eyecare
  6. Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Massager
  7. TOUCHBeauty Essentials Sonic Eye Massager

Here Are The Best Eye Massagers On Amazon

  1. Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager
  2. Electric Eyes Massager by HYY
  3. Lifetrons face and eye massager
  4. LPY Eye Massager Glasses
  5. NORLANYA Electric Head Massager
  6. Panasonic EH-SW51-P Eyecare
  7. Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Massager
  8. TOUCHBeauty Essentials Sonic Eye Massager

Here are our top 10 head and eye massagers:

1. Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager
2. Electric Eye Massager
3. Electric Eyes Massager by HYY
4. F01 Eye Massager Sonic
5. Lifetrons face and eye massager
6. LPY Eye Massager Glasses
7. NORLANYA Electric Head Massager
8. Panasonic EH-SW51-P Eyecare
9. Pure Therapy PT200 Head & Eye Massager
10. TOUCHBeauty Essentials Sonic Eye Massager

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We have reviewed some of the top massagers that will provide you instant relief in an effective way.

Head and Eye Massagers

Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager

Table Of Contents

This is an amazing massager from Breo which is two in one massager i.e. a head and eye massager. This will help you to deal with the tension around your face and head effectively.

Amazing Features to Know

Here are some of the most amazing features for you to know:

Powerful Battery

It is based on a powerful lithium battery which can let you experience cordless massage. With a full charge, you can use it for at least one week if you will have a 115 minutes massage every day.

Adjustable Fit

The massager comes with a convenient control at the backside to adjust the helmet as per your needs. This will help you to have convenient and perfect to wear to enjoy an amazing massage.

Removable Goggles

The eye goggles of the massager can be removed with ease. This will allow you to enjoy reading, work on a laptop or watch television while having a massage in the best possible way.

Control Application

It comes with a mobile application which is available for both iOS and Android for controlling purposes. You can have a great experience to interact with the massager through the app with ease.

Multifunctional Massager

This is a multifunctional massager whose heat compression will soothe your dark circles and dry eyes. Its scalp massage will help you to keep the stress away while the air pressure will offer you an exact feeling like a human massager. Even more, you can enjoy music while having a massage with the Breo massager.

Multiple Air Pressure Modes

It offers multiple air pressure modes to make the massager customizable as per your needs. You can choose low, firm or medium air pressure modes. You can adjust the air pressure intensity from 0 to 100 from the mobile application.

Pros And Cons of the Breo iDream5 Head and Eye Massager


Here are some of the most important benefits to know:

  • Good value for money
  • Easily adjustable for your needs
  • It delivers great comfort
  • Worth to use
  • Long-life battery
  • An easy to manage helmet
  • Great consistency in pressure
  • Different soothing modes
  • 1-year warranty


Here are some cons of Breo iDream5 which you should know

  • The massager is bulkier than others.
  • Its price is at the high side
  • The user manual is not in English
  • Application is also in Korean only

Final Verdict

Anyone who is looking for an effective massager device will surely once think about to come to Breo. It is because the company has earned great trust from their customers. Hopefully, with this 2 in one massager from Breo, you will never go wrong. This is the best air pressure massager which can let you experience a deep skull massage for more comfort and relaxation.

Electric Eye Massager

Table Of Contents

Electric eye massager is the ultimate relief eye therapy device with a USB interface and music feature. It is an intelligent eye therapy stress reliever which also provides a warm treatment to the body. It has a unique design that fits perfectly on your eyes and has a shiny black finish with a separate power button and the voice button to control the intensity of the music. Its vibration and air compression technology help to reduce the stress by giving an ultimate massage to the eyes.

Features of the Eye Massager

Air Compression and High-Frequency Vibration Technology

The air compression and high-frequency vibration technology in the electric eye massager give an ultimate massage trip to your eyes. You can feel the micro-vibrations on your eyes. The vibrations can relax your mind and can help you to reduce stress and anxiety.

Heat Treatment

Apart from the ultimate massage trip, it also gives your eyes a perfect heat treatment. You will feel a gentle warmth on your eyes. This can enhance the massage treatment and can alleviate your stress and anxiety quickly.

Natural Music

This electric eye massager has the feature of listening to music. You can enjoy the natural music while the device massages your eyes. Moreover, you can even control the intensity of the music through the voice controller. You can even change the songs by the same button.

Intelligent Technology

It has the most intelligent technology and it is easy to carry. It is rechargeable with a good lithium battery pack. You can take it with you while traveling and charge on the go. No need to replace the batteries.

Pros And Cons of the Electric Eye Massager


  • It is foldable. It has a unique 180 degrees foldable design. Due to this feature, it is portable and easy to carry.
  • It has an eco-friendly cover and is also soft. The cover won’t hurt your eyes. You can wear it easily for a longer period too.
  • The headband can adjust directly to fit according to your head shape.
  • It reduces anxiety, stress and promotes deep sleep patterns.
  • It works in intelligent cycles. The device starts vibrating again after certain intelligent vibration period or cycle.


  • It is a little expensive

Final Verdict

Moreover, it also provides warmth to the eyes to enhance the massage trip. It does not make a lot of noise except that of the high frequency of vibrations. Moreover, you can enjoy peaceful natural music as you lose yourself in the ultimate massaging trip.

Electric Eyes Massager by HYY

Table Of Contents

This is one of the most amazing eyes massager which you can ever have. It comes with a perfect design which can help you to have a relaxing experience in the best possible way. If you want to have a comfortable feel and relax than having a home massage with the perfect electric eyes massager by HYY can be the best option which you can have. It comes with the most amazing features to provide you more benefits with ease.


Do you want to know the best features of Electric Eyes Massager? Well, here are some of the most amazing features which will surely perfect for you.

Highly Comfortable

The material which has been used in the manufacturing of this amazing massager is comfortable, safe to wear and healthy. It will help you to have a comfortable wearing even if you are using it for a longer period. The soft material of the eyes massager will never let you feel any problem while using it. It comes with rechargeable batteries which will help you to use it cordlessly for more convenience.

High-quality Massager

The massager contains ABS outside which makes it highly durable and you can easily use it for a longer period. The quality of the massager is perfect. Even more, due to its flexibility, it is quite easier to clean and store.

Easy to Use

It contains only one button to operate. One button operation will make it easier for you to control the massager while using. When the LED lights of the massager will be on, it will start to work.

Perfect for Different Face Sizes

It comes with a foldable design at 180 degrees which makes it perfect to use on both thin and fat faces. Moreover, its flexible head straps and buckles will make it easier for you to adjust the size of massager as per your need.

Pros And Cons of the Electric Eyes Massager by HYY


  • Foldable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Intelligent massaging options
  • Easy to operate
  • Effective for multiple problems
  • Durable


  • Sometimes the massager lacks intensity
  • Straps can get loose
  • A bit heavy construction as compared to other similar options

Final Verdict

If you are looking for amazing eyes massager which can help you to have a soothing experience and relax in the best possible way then this can be a perfect option to have. This will help you to have less pressure on your eyes and can give you a clear vision and better sleep in the best possible way.

F01 Eye Massager Sonic

Table Of Contents

This F01 eye massager sonic is an anti-aging all-in-one solution for treating the puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and age spots. It comes in two beautiful colors of white and silver with a shiny finish. This eye massager helps to reduce the dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness that can occur as we age. This eye massager sonic is imported directly from the United Kingdom. Moreover, it does not have any replicas or the first copy. It is 100% authentic and original. As it is imported, it is not returnable. It is portable and a chick-looking beauty device to reduce the aging effects under your eyes.

Features Of The F01 Eye Massager Sonic


It is lightweight and easily portable. You can take it with you while traveling or can easily put it in your handbag for immediate use. It’s lightweight, yet a tough body makes it a reliable anti-aging beauty device.

Elegant Appearance

This is a beautifully designed eye massager with 30 degrees arc design. The arched design can easily fit under your eyes and rejuvenates your skin.

Micro Vibrations Technology

It has the newest micro-vibrations technology that can diminish the eye aging effects, such as the eye wrinkles, puffiness, swollen under-eye bags, fine lines, and dark circles. The high vibration frequency rejuvenates and uplifts the skin.

Cream Helper

This magic anti-aging warm treatment wand opens up your pores and enhances the blood circulation on the face. Hence, it can help your daytime and nighttime anti-aging creams to absorb better on the skin.

Touch Activation

This beauty eye massager has no buttons. It means that you can activate it by the smart touch on the metal piece of the beauty eye massager. The device will sense the touch and will start vibrating automatically.

Pros and Cons of the F01 Eye Massager Sonic

Easy Carry

You can carry this eye massager almost anywhere with you. You can take it to work or you can put it with you while traveling. It has a lightweight structure that makes it portable.

Protective Cap

It comes with a protective cap. You can keep the massager face when not in use.

Refreshed Look

It can make your eyes look younger and refreshed.

Promotes Deep Sleep Patterns

The micro-vibration technology not only enhances the blood circulation in the skin but also relaxes your mind and helps you to sleep better.

Reduces Aging Signs

The new massaging technology reduces the eye aging effects, such as the crow’s feet, eye wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.

Final Verdict

Eyes can flaunt the aging effect more than any other part of the face. That is why, it is specially designed to reduce the aging effects such as eye wrinkles, eye lines, dark circles, puffiness and under-eye bags.

Lifetrons Face and Eye Massager

Table Of Contents

Lifetrons essential oil booster is a micro-vibration face and eye massager. This is an ultimate massager that you can use at home to massage, exfoliate and lift your skin. It is a multi-solution device. It integrates blue photon light therapy to exfoliate and uplift your skin. Moreover, it massages with the negative ions for a naturally glowing and smooth skin. The microdermabrasion technology allows removing the dead skin cells from the face and under the eyes. Moreover, it’s suction technology helps to suck out the dead skin cells from the skin pores.

Features of the Lifetrons Essential Oil Booster Massager

A Multi-Solution Beauty Device

It uses the negative ion technology, blue photon light technology, and the microdermabrasion technology altogether to exfoliate and cleanse your face skin.

Vacuum Suction

The vacuum suction feature sucks out the blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum oil from the deep pores.

Blue Photon Light Technology

Blue photon light technology treats the acne, reduces the skin blemishes, reduce the excess sebum oil and helps to calm down the face skin.

Negative Ion Massage Technology

The negative ion massage technology can provide nutrients to the skin that we usually get from the moisturizers and the night creams.


The essential oil booster micro-vibration face and eye massager is rechargeable and does not require the efforts to change the batteries.

Micro-Vibration Technology

The micro-vibration technology in the face and eye massager helps to reduce the skin soreness can calms down the skin.

Pros And Cons of the Lifetrons Essential Oil Booster Massager


No Batteries

This beauty device is the multi-solution device that does not require any batteries. You don’t have to worry about changing the batteries.

Free Swiss Ultimate Serum

It comes with the free ultimate serum for the skin. This serum is an anti-aging solution that can reduce your wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

Soft Exfoliating Head

It has a soft exfoliating head that can cause no soreness or redness on your skin. It is specially designed for sensitive skin.


It is a little expensive in terms of a beauty product.

Final Verdict

It cleanses the deep pores. The anti-acne blue light technology kills the bacteria and controls the excess production of sebum oil on the skin surface. It is a rechargeable face and eye massager. The negative ion massage technology improves skincare absorption. Moreover, it is also suitable for sensitive and oily skin.

LPY Eye Massager Glasses

Table Of Contents

LPY eye massager is the ultimate eye care or eye therapy device that uses its multi vibration technology and the heat technology to massage the eyes and the areas around the eyes. The latest technology encompassed in this device allows you to listen to the natural music or the music you like while you comfort yourself by the ultimate massage trip. To add with, it has at least 10 modes of vibrations. It means that this eye massager can vibrate at ten different frequencies to provide you with the eye therapy that best suits you. It uses intelligent technology for better massage cycles.

Features of the LPY Eye Massager Glasses

Multi Vibration Technology

This is the only eye care massaging device that has 10 modes of vibrations. The device is surrounded by a natural magnetic field.

Air Pressure Cycle

It has a two-way intelligent air pressure cycle. It massages your eyes just like the hands of the humans so that you can feel the utmost comfort of the massaging session. It leaves your eyes with full of vitality.

Hot Massage Therapy

Apart from the multi vibration technology tool, it also serves as the hot massage therapy tool. It provides gentle heat or warmth to your eyes for a relaxing and amazing massage experience.

Meditation Music

It has built-in meditation music feature. You can listen to music to calm yourself. Listening to music with the massage trip can relax your mind and can also promote a night of good sleep. It also has a smart intelligent control which turns off the music after 15 minutes.

Non-Age Restrictive

This eye massager glasses can be used by anyone, whether it be a child or an elderly person. You can use it after work, before college or even before going to bed.

Pros And Cons of the LPY Eye Massager Glasses


  • It has 10 different modes of vibrations.
  • It improves sleep quality.
  • It improves eye health.
  • It helps to develop deep sleep patterns.
  • It provides a meditation session through natural music.
  • It reduces anxiety and stress.


  • It has a universal remote control that can be used to turn it on, to control the voice, to control the music and to control the modes of vibration.

Final Verdict

It is the perfect device for eye care. It is portable and comes with immense benefits. It does not only relaxes your eyes but also helps you to sleep better.

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