Best Massage Oil for Baby Eczema: Soothe Your Baby’s Skin With These Massage Oils

“As smooth as a baby’s bottom” is the saying, but what if your baby’s bottom isn’t so smooth? Eczema is not uncommon in baby’s, in fact, seventy percent of Eczema cases start in children five years or younger, so what does that mean? If your child is suffering from this skin condition, its completely normal but there are ways to soothe and relax your baby in spite of the Eczema.

In this guide, we will be breaking down the best massage oils for baby Eczema so you can keep your little one comforted as much as possible.

The Top 5 Best Massage Oils for Baby Eczema

Featured Products Table

Product Image Fragrance-Free All Natural Good for Sensitive Skin
Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics Yes Yes Yes
Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Baby Oil Yes Yes Yes
Organic Lavender Oil by Sky Organics No Yes No
NOW Solutions, Sweet Almond Oil Yes No Yes
Mustela Bath Oil No Yes Yes

Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics (16oz Large Bottle x 2 Pack) 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed, Organic Almond Oil. Great As Baby Oil- Anti- Wrinkles- Anti-Aging. Almond Oil- Carrier Oil for Massage & Bath

The Sweet Almond Oil is a nourishing oil that is excellent for babies as it is sourced directly from organic artisanal farmers that make sure that this oil is healthy and safe and has no added harmful chemicals or additives and is only filled with antioxidants and Vitamins.

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This oil is made specifically from a stainless steel press that grinds seeds of fruits together and afterwards the Almond Oil is pressed at an even lower temperature to keep all of its nutrients and aroma.  This oil quickly seeps deep into your skin and hydrates even the most sensitive types of skin.


100% natural
Excellent for sensitive skin
Includes Vitamins A,B,D and E

May be too thick for some

Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Baby Oil, 100% Natural Baby Skin Care – 4 Ounce Bottle – Pack of 3

If you are looking for a massage oil for your baby that is not only completely natural but pediatrician tested, the Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Baby Oil is a great solution.

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This oil can be directly rubbed on the skin or added to your baby’s bath water.  Completely free of parabens, phthalates and petrolatum means your baby is not exposed to any dangerous or unnatural ingredients.  This oil also serves as a multi-purpose ointment and keeps the skin super soft. Sure to be a perfect fit for your little one.


Gentle enough for everyday use
Nourishing properties
Mild smell

Contains wheat germ oil and may cause rashes for babies who are allergic

Organic Lavender Oil by Sky Organics I 10 ml I Lavender Essential Oil

The Organic Lavender Oil is chemical-free and includes no harmful additives making it 100% pure. The skin soothing properties will keep your baby extremely comfortable while the lavender makes great for aromatherapy which can help with relaxing your baby and even with a few drops you can add this into your essential oil diffuser to ease emotional alignments. This all-purpose oil can help with many different things but it is especially useful as a massage oil.

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Can help alleviate emotional stress
USDA certified Organic
Soothes Skin

Not a strong lavender scent
Small bottle

NOW Solutions, Sweet Almond Oil, 100 Percent Pure Moisturizing Oil, Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

The NOW Solutions Sweet Almond Oil easily dissolves into your skin without clogging your pores. The nourishment that this oil provides your skin is unmatched because of it being completely pure. Not only can this oil be used for massaging your baby but it can also be used as a moisturizer for your baby’s hair, face and nails as well.

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The entire manufacturing process from beginning to end has been thoroughly examined and deemed safe making this oil one of the best options to choose from.


GMP quality assured
Can be used for skin, hair and nails
Good for sensitive skin

May be too oily for some
CA Prop 65 Warning

Mustela Bath Oil, Gentle Baby Bath Oil with Natural Avocado Oil, for Dry Skin

The Mustela Bath Oil protects babies and children from dry skin because of the 89% plant-based ingredients enriched with tons of plant-based Glycerin that moisturizes the skin and is extremely delicate. The soft scent and the special and carefully formulated ingredients makes this oil perfect for babies.

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Safe for newborns
Tested under pediatric and dermatological control
Works great for dry skin

 Some users don’t like the smell
Pricey for the size

5 Things To Take Into Consideration When Choosing A Massage Oil for Baby Eczema


Ingredients play the most important role when it comes to choosing a massage oil for a baby with eczema due to their extremely sensitive skin. Making absolutely sure that every ingredient in the massage oil is natural is the best way to go in order to prevent your child from getting skin rashes and even bacterial colonization. Some of the best massage oils for babies with eczema are the ones that are Pediatrician and Dermatologist tested.


Since eczema causes the skin to be cracked and rough, having an oil with moisturizing properties should also be another determining factor. The way you determine if the oil actually moisturizes the skin is by reading the ingredients and looking for essential oils that have moisturizing properties such as, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Apricot Oil. When an oil is moisturizing it starts to work immediately once it is absorbed into the baby’s skin.


While it’s okay and natural for some oils to have fragrances, it’s not recommended to choose oils that have a really strong fragrance as it can be irritating to your baby. Its recommended to choose oils that have either a light fragrance or no fragrance at all. Oils that have light, natural fragrances are oils that have ingredients like Lavender, Jasmine or Basil. Some of these essential oils can not only be used to nourish the skin but can also serve as aromatherapy and add emotional relaxation as well.


Sometimes pictures online can look bigger than the actual item does in-person, so looking at the size of your bottle by numbers and not just by pictures will give you an accurate size of what to expect. If the oil you choose happens to be really high-quality sometimes you can wound up paying more per bottle, even if the bottle is smaller than others.


All oils are made differently and price can be determined by a number of different factors such as size, manufacturing process, quality, effectiveness and versatility, all of which you need when you are dealing with children that have sensitive skin. Although, the price can be higher, it still can be very much worth it to make sure your child’s skin is nourished and protected.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Massage Oil

Is Massage Oil Safe for Babies?

Yes, depending on the type of oil. The first thing that should be considered is what your baby is allergic to. The next consideration should be making sure that the oil you choose is completely natural, non-allergenic and preferably dermatologist tested as well but massage oils can be completely safe for children.

Are Essential Oils Helpful or Harmful for Babies?

Essential oils can not only help to relax your baby physically but emotionally as well. Oils can either be rubbed on your baby for the nourishment of their skin or it can be placed in an oil diffuser as a way to provide a calming effect for your little one.

Should I Use Water When Massaging My Baby?

With infants, water may not be the best solution according to J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. Water can actually weaken the skin barrier and does not actually remove fat-soluble substances. Once your child becomes older, a highly-effective way to calm your child is to bathe them and either add massage oil in the water or massage them after their bath.


Eczema can be a difficult thing to deal with in children, it makes them uncomfortable, causes dry, cracked skin and irritation. Having a massage oil that can properly moisturize and nourish your baby’s skin is of the utmost importance, especially if they are dealing with eczema. When choosing a massage oil for your baby you want to look for components like fragrance, price, ingredients and moisturizing capabilities.

All of the massage oils that we have reviewed can be extremely useful for children with eczema but our top recommendation is Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics as it is made for sensitive skin, is fragrance free and is 100% natural. A massage oil that can be a very helpful solution with babies suffering from eczema and will have your little ones skin feeling better than ever.

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