Ogawa Massage Chair Reviews

While heading to the spa the first few questions that come to mind are what type of massage I will get? Will masseur be able to target deep muscles? How will he manage to relax all the muscles in my body? Should I ask for a few extra seconds or not?

However, when you have a massage chair all such questions and confusions are resolved. Having a personalized massage chair is like a dream come true in this stressful world. You will get a relaxing massage as soon as you get home. It will improve your mood, health and allow you to live a better life. The biggest question is, which massage chair should you get? Here we have Ogawa Massage Chair reviews, to make the selection process easier for you.

Table of Contents Ogawa Chairs

  1. Introduction to Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair
  2. Product description
  3. Product features
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Concluding thoughts

Introduction to Ogawa Massage Chair Reviews

Ogawa Review
Ogawa Massage Chair Reviews

Ogawa Massage Chair is manufactured using the latest technology. It has a huge list of features that you will not find in Osaki OS-4000CS Massage Chair Reviews. It seems like designers and professional have paid special attention to all needs and demands of the human body before working on this project. From superficial to deep it will target all important muscles of your body.

The first impression of Ogawa Massage Chair is perfect. It looks expensive and luxurious because of leather upholstery. It is extremely soft. When you will sit on massage chair it will adjust according to curves of your body. You will be able to get a deep massage every time you want. It is very easy to adjust the settings of the Ogawa Massage Chair.

Product description

Ogawa Massage Chair is an intelligent, smart control and high-performance chair. It will combine the shiatsu experience with modern techniques with such perfection to provide you ultimate relaxation. The product is manufactured with a high-quality material which is assurance for its durability. It will provide you the best robotic massage experience. There is no need to fee d commands every time you are on the chair. Just adjust all settings once and you can save them in memory. Until you change settings Ogawa Massage Chair will work on the same specifications. It is a versatile and customized bodywork equipment designed to relax your mind and body.

Smart Tablet

The biggest attraction of Ogawa Massage Chair is a smart tablet. It is not like traditional models that come with control options on the side. You often have to get up to adjust settings and it affects the quality of massage. With Ogawa, you will not have to deal with such issues. The smart tablet has pre-installed applications. You can fine-tune your message experience without missing from the chair. It will allow you to personalize your entire massage experience. The software will upgrade and you will receive additions options automatically.

3D rollers

The 3D rollers will allow you to have the best massage experience. They work like human hands. You can adjust the intensity of massage from low to high according to the level of pain you are feeling. A few things you should know about 3D rollers of Ogawa Massage Chair are.

  1. You can adjust the depth of massage to 3 inches
  2. 3D intensity comes with 6 levels
  3. 6 special techniques
  4. 6 bodywork techniques

With all such techniques in rollers will allow you to have perfect Thai stretching massage. It will target all the tight muscles in your body and relax them perfectly for ultimate relaxation.

Automated body scan

It will completely scan your body as soon as you will sit on the chair. The image will appear on your tablet screen with issues your body has as well as message settings you should have for better results. The scan will be stored in the body with techniques you have selected. It will make adjustment easier. You can scan your body anytime you like and change settings according to the new requirements of your body. It will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of massage your chair will deliver.

Zero gravity and personalized techniques

If there are some special techniques that you would like to include in the chair, there is an option for personalized techniques available. It will allow you to adjust the heat, intensity of vibrations, movement of rollers and other features of the chair. You can even adjust settings for cold therapy for a relaxing experience. The zero gravity technology in Ogawa Massage Chair will enhance the effectiveness of bodywork and increase circulation to remove toxins and inflammation. It will not only relax your muscles but also improve your health. It will remove the weight from your spinal column to assure that it will come back to its normal symmetry.

Product features

Ogawa Massage Chair is designed with following interesting features.

  1. Adjustable shoulders
  2. Self-diagnostic
  3. USB comes with quick touch control
  4. Smart sense technology
  5. Foot rollers
  6. Limited noise production


Ogawa Massage Chair will provide you following benefits.

  • For superior operation, it comes with unlimited personalized control.
  • Provide accurate and precise delivery of massage techniques with smart body scan.
  • Easy control and customized made possible with the smart tablet
  • Adjust depth of massage with smart rollers.


A few drawbacks you need to consider before investing in the chair are.

  • Tablet software lag a few options
  • During an update, the software may glitch

Concluding thoughts

There are many other products available in the market like OSIM Ucomfort Massage Chair Reviews and OSIM Ustyle2 Massage Chair Reviews. You can compare all these reviews with Ogawa Massage Chair and you will still consider it better. The chair will provide you with a perfect massage every time. All amazing features you will find in the same chair are hard to find in a spa. It is affordable considering the variety of massage technique. In a spa, they will charge you extra for all techniques, which you want them to apply to your body. Ogawa Massage Chair is a complete package and one-time investment that will provide long-term benefits.

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