Infinity 8500 Massage Chair Reviews

Our busy routine and lack of stress are the reasons we are suffering from mental and physical stress. Back pain is a common problem for employees because they have to sit in front of a computer screen the whole day. They don’t get an opportunity to relax or participate in any physical activity. Lack of exercise and rest leads to other muscular issues.

That is why employees are looking for a massage chair. They know their boss is not going to provide them with ergonomically designed chairs. So, a better option is investing in a chair that can relax their muscles. Once the pain is relieved it will help to get rid of mental stress as well. We know you want the best massage chair. We have for you Infinity 8500 Massage Chair reviews, to help you decide the best product.

Table of Content for Infinity 8500 Chairs

  1. Introduction to Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair
  2. Product description
  3. Product features
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Concluding thoughts

Introduction to Infinity 8500 Massage Chair Reviews

Infinity 8500 Review
Infinity 8500 Massage Chair Review

The specialty of Infinity 8500 Massage Chair is that it will target all muscles of your body individually. When vibrations will reach deep muscles, it will automatically relax your body. After comparing Infinity 8500 with Irest Massage Chair Reviews we reached the conclusion Infinity 8500 Massage Chair is a better and reliable product.

No doubt there are some fake and misleading reviews on a different website. To help clarify all your doubts, here we have a complete review of the product. It will help you take the right decision.

Product description

If you are looking for a massage chair that comes with customized options, therapeutic benefits and convenience Infinity 8500 Massage Chair is the best option. It is designed by a team of specialists who understands the human body perfectly. Ever airbag in a chair is adjusted according to curves of your body to assure you can feel pressure on painful muscles. When the chair will stop massaging your body you will feel instant relaxation. Kawaii Massage Chair Reviews are good but they are unable to meet standards set by Infinity 8500 Massage Chair.

S-track design with Quad rollers

The Infinity 8500 Massage Chair is designed with quad rollers to meet industry standards. The S-track design will allow your body to go in full extension. You will feel a stretch on all muscles of your body. When you will go back in normal position after stretch your muscles will feel instant relaxation. Quad rollers will provide extra support to the body and increase pressure to reach dee muscles.

3D body scan

The 3D body scan in Infinity 8500 Massage Chair will automatically scan your body when you will sit on the chair. It will identify all the painful areas and muscles of body which are not in a normal position. You will get suggestions regarding how you can adjust massage chair for maximum relaxation. You can save settings for a long time in memory of chair or change it every day for better results. It will allow you to have a world class massage.

Zero gravity technology

In Infinity 8500 Massage Chair you can manage two different zero gravity positions. It will allow you to target all deep muscles of your body. The famous position is an elevation of knees above heart level. It will increase the flow of blood towards the heart to reduce swelling on your knees or legs. The weight of your body will press down on rollers, which results in more penetrating and deeper massage. You will get instant results after you maintain the position. Once the blood flow will increase, it will remove all toxins and improve nervous supply. You will not feel any kind of pain after a massage.

Variety of techniques

Once you are on Infinity 8500 Massage Chair and you will start checking its settings, you will notice there is a huge variety of options available. You will feel like you are in the hand of a Massage Therapist. It will relax every inch of your body with perfection. After a stressful day of office, the moment you will sit on Infinity 8500 Massage Chair, it will feel like you are in heaven. The chair will improve your quality of sleep. You will feel well-rested every day. Your productivity and performance will improve.

Product features

Some interesting specifications you will come across while using the massage chair are.

  1. Decompression stretch will allow your body to go in full stretch. As it reclines, the airbags in the massage chair will grip your legs and shoulders to relive your spine and soothe the pain.
  2. USB system available. Load your favorite music or meditation guidance to improve the experience of mental relaxation. Ports are available on the chair.
  3. Lumber heating pads included in the back of the chair to provide a relaxing sensation. It will warm and relax your muscles for massage.
  4. Two zero gravity positions to elevate your knees above heart level.
  5. Useful stretching techniques for spinal correction. It will decompress and extend your spine to relieve pain.


Benefits of using Infinity 8500 Massage Chair are.

  • A variety of features and massage techniques available
  • Full body massage
  • Deep spinal stretch for relaxation
  • Get a massage from neck to feet with multiple airbags
  • Waist twist
  • Zero gravity is the perfect relaxing position
  • You can customize the features to have a massage that suits your needs.
  • Conforms to body shape
  • Remote control to give you complete access over settings
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Play your music or meditation guideline during the massage.


Some drawbacks you need to consider are.

  • It is expensive. If you are on a tight budget affording massage chair might difficult.

Concluding thoughts

If you want a massage chair with latest features, Infinity 8500 will be the best option. It will relax your mind and body. You will feel like you got a full body massage from an expert masseur. Compare it with reviews of other products like Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews. You will notice Infinity 8500 still have the best specification.

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