Best Back Massager for Knots – Our Top 5 Picks With A Complete Buying Guide

There are probably just a few things that are more uncomfortable than having knots in your back. Not only does it extremely limit your rage of motion but it can really lower your quality of life. Simple movements and activities that you could once do, don’t come as easy to you anymore.

You probably feel like the pain isn’t bad enough for surgery but you still need a solution to the current discomfort you’re feeling, thats why in this guide we will be breaking down the top 5 best back massagers for knots.

The Top 5 Best Back Massager for Knots

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Snailax shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat, Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage, Massage Chair pad with Height Adjustment, Relieve Muscle Pain for Back Shoulder and Neck SL-233

The Snailax Shiatsu Neck and back Massager is one of the few back massagers that provides the ultimate comfort for its users. It is highly portable and can be moved from anywhere to your office chair to your recliner.

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You have complete control of your massaging experience because the SPOT massage function allows you to target specific areas of your back with an optional heat function that adds a gentle warmth and further soothes muscle pain.

This massager is optimal for people between 63 inches – 70.9 inches and with the included desktop home adapter you can use this massage chair with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlets, making a versatile and reliable back massaging option.


SPOT massage function
Easily portable
Remote control included

Not for those who are short

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager – Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf – Use at Home and Car, Black, (ZMA-13-BK)

The Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is a high-quality crafted massager that is made from textured leatherette that easy-to-clean and soft to the touch. The ergonomic and compact design makes it extremely easy to fit behind your neck and completely contour to the shape of your body.

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You can secure this massager to your favorite chair or sofa with the adjustable straps and whether you decide to use it in the house or the car you have the option with the power adapter and DC Car adapter.

The massage nodes change direction every minute to effectively keep the circulation in your back and the heating functions can effortlessly soothe your aching muscles. Perfect for those stubborn back knots.


High-quality material
Adjustable straps
Constantly moving nodes
Ergonomic design

Cable may have shortening issues after awhile
Power cord is short

OCACA 2020 Upgraded Massage Gun for Athlete, Handheld Quiet Percussion Deep Tissue Massager for Sore Muscle, Stiffness, Pain Relief, Back and Full Body, 20 Speed High-Intensity Vibration – 6 Massage Heads

If you are looking for a massage gun that can get deep into your tissue and give you that relief you’ve been craving, the OCACA Upgrade Massage Gun may be a great option. This massage gun is excellent for self myofascial release that allows you to relax stiff muscles and clear lactic acid.

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This massage gun comes with 20 different adjustable speeds and 6 massage heads for different body parts. Everything can be customized about this massage gun down to the performance which helps you to get deep into the hard to reach muscles.

The high torque of this gun is sure to relax your muscles and the brushless motor provides a completely quiet and serene experience.

The 15 minute automatic timing function protects the user from excessive use and avoids the damaging of muscles. A portable, highly effective massage gun that is sure to give you that pain relieving massage you’ve been looking for.


Very Portable
High torque for deep massage
2400mAh rechargeable Lithium battery

More expensive than other models

Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Massage Chair Pad Kneading Back Massager for Home Office Seat use SL-256

The Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion is a back massager that offers a versatile massage due to its multiple nodes and convenient remote control that allows you to fully customize your massage experience to your liking. This massager also comes with two built-in seat cushions that gives a deep massage to the hips and thighs.

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You can add that extra level of warmth to dig further into the muscles and really get that soothing experience you need.

The Snailax is also very easy to wash and comes with a detachable back flap that allows for you to choose between a softer or more intense massage. Customizable, versatile, and affordable.


3 different massage zones
2 levels of intensity
Offers heat therapy

Too rough for some people

NURSAL Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion with Heat Function, Deep Kneading Self-Massager with Vibrations – Office, Home & Car

The Nursal Back and Neck Massager is a great massaging option for those that are suffering with intense back pain. The four massage rollers can be specifically adjusted to focus on your problem areas and really pin-point the relaxation, along with an optional heating function for further therapy.

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There are three levels of hip vibrations to choose from and this chair also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case if for any reason you don’t like it you can send it back, making this a complete no-brainer.


Clockwise and anti-clockwise motions
Kneading function
36-month warranty

Massage may be painful if you’re lying down
Not for those who are short

5 Components To Consider When Choosing a Back Massager for Knots


All of us have different spots on our body that is painful and it’s imperative for us to be able to really target that source of pain and really dig into it to relax the muscle. Some massagers can be an S shaped stick where others are chair pads and massage guns, but depending on the group of muscles you have the most problems with will highly depend in the shape you choose.

Are you sitting down for most of the day? Does your neck and shoulder hurt more than your back? Do you feel like you need an entire back massage or just a specific area? All of these questions will come into play when choosing a shape. Make sure that the shape of massager hits the areas that cause you the most pain.


Generally, most massagers are pretty portable. You can pack them up and take them with you wherever you go, but some are more portable than others. You may not want to walk around carrying a big massage chair everywhere with you, so the chair massagers are portable when it comes to moving around your house but if you are on the road it may be best to get a massager that either has the capability to fold down and become compact or just completely choosing a massage gun that is easier to carry around and can fit into a purse or backpack.


Massagers can range anywhere between $27 – $250 and depending on what you need will determine what price you pay. If having more features like multiple adjusting nodes, different speeds, adjustable straps, automatic timing functions and other features are important to you, then, you’ll be probably be paying more. If you are okay with the basics of just having a massager that doesn’t have too many customizable features but just can get the job done, you can definitely get away with paying a lower price but you may be sacrificing functionality. It is always best to think about the parts of your body that needs the most therapy and then consider what features you absolutely need and then work your way down from there. The goal here should be to find the perfect blend between features and pricing.


Everyone has a different level of intensity tolerance. Since a massager isn’t something that you can physically try before you purchase, taking a look at customer reviews is a great way to gauge how intense a particular massager gets. Also paying close attention to the details of how many nodes there are, their particular movements and the different customizable settings can give you great insight on how intense a massager is.


It is always good to make sure that any massager you think about picking up has a warranty or a money back guarantee. As much as you may think you’ll love your new massager when it arrives to your home, it may not be all that you expected and having a warranty ensures that if for any reason you don’t like your massager you can return it and find one that you like.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Massagers

Is a Back Massager A Real Way To Treat Back Pain?

Yes. If you are dealing with tight and sore muscles, a massager is a great way to treat the pain that comes as a result of tense muscles. A massager does this by using its nodes to deeply penetrate the muscle groups and provide myofasical release, which in return allows your muscles to relax and achieve better oxygen and blood-flow through them. Its always a good practice to make sure you time how long you are on your massager because using it for extended period if times may cause further soreness or injury to your muscles.

How Long Should I Massage My Back For?

15-20 minutes may be best. This will ensure that you get a nice deep-tissue massage without causing injury to yourself. Some massagers have an automatic cut off timer so you don’t have to think about when it’s time to stop.

Can I Use a Back Massager if I’m Pregnant?

Yes. Massagers can be excellent tools for women that are pregnant. Due to a pregnant woman’s protruding belly, the muscles in her lower back can be stretched and pulled to the point where it becomes tense and sore and a massager can help relieve some of that pressure.


Living with back pain isn’t fun and its something that can be stressful and continually get worse if you don’t treat it. There are a number of ways to self-treat your back pain and massagers are one of the best options out there. Choosing the right massager is a matter of making sure you look for specific components such as cost, intensity levels, features like heating and vibration, shape and portability. all of these play a factor in the quality and overall usefulness of your massager.

In this guide we have listed some of the best massagers available and you can be sure that when you choose one of these you will be getting the best massager that not only fits your needs but your budget as well.

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