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For years people have been using massage for therapeutic purposes. It helps people to relieve pain, reduce stress and decrease muscle tension. Most people still like to have a massage every week. However when you are an employee who has to work more time as compared to the time taken to rest, visiting a spa can be difficult. Paying for a massage every week might not be affordable as well.

To reduce pain most people take painkillers but we all know it is not the right solution. You can’t get the relief from a painkiller that you can have from massage. The best alternative for hands of masseur is massage chair. There is a huge variety of these chairs available in the market. However, we have OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair Reviews to help you understand why it is the best.

Table of Contents for Uastro Chairs

  1. Introduction to OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair
  2. Product description
  3. Product features
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Concluding thoughts

Introduction to OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair

OSIM Ustyle2 Review
OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair Reviews

People are showing interest in a massage chair. They want to invest in the best quality chair which can relax their muscles and tissues effectively. That is why they are reading different types of OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair and Panasonic Massage Chair Reviews. While writing a review every product tester has his/her own point of view.

You might come across several misleading reviews available on the internet. Reading such reviews will create confusion that whether you are investing in the right product or not. A right massage chair will always be good for your health. If you decide to go with OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair it can be the best choice.

Product description

OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair is designed with special technology to fit in the needs of readers. The experts have paid special attention to features and types of massage this chair can provide.

It is designed with the latest technology to give users a complete massage experience. From heating to movements of rollers you will feel like you got a free spa day at home. It will improve your quality of sleep by relaxing all tight muscles in your body and reduce sensations of pain you have been feeling. It has a simple and attractive design. OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair has the capability to adjust a person of any weight and size.

Auto scan technology

The biggest attraction of OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair is the auto body scan technology. There are special sensors in the chair that will scan your entire body. However, the scanning system is different from traditional scanners available in other massage chairs.

Instead of scanning the issues in your body and identifying all painful regions, it will locate all pressure points of your body. The information will be sent to the massaging system of the chair. That is how when you will sit on the chair for a massage it will directly target all highlighted pressure points of your body. It will allow you to quickly relax and improve the flow of blood in your body.

Zero gravity feature

The OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair is developed with zero gravity technology. It will help maintain your body in a position where the level of knees is higher than your heart level. At this stage, the flow of blood will improve. It will also remove pressure from the spine and allow the muscles to relax. It is a very useful position that helps to reduce pain and inflammation on the back and the lower region of the body.

Various massage programs

OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair is developed with various massage programs. It means that as soon as you will be on the chair you can select from a variety of massage options available. From deep rolling massage through rollers to automatic and manual massage, it will give you the satisfaction that you want.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, it has lumber heating facility available. You can heat a painful region of your body before the massage to soften the muscles and get best effects every time. The airbag compression massage has 34 airbags that will provide full body massage for ultimate relaxation and soothing effect.

Product features

Some interesting features you will come across while using OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair are.

  1. 8 automatic massage programs
  2. 4 manual massage options
  3. 4 localized massage programs
  4. Airbag massage program
  5. 4 rollers for deep massage
  6. During manual massage program where you can adjust the width of rollers
  7. Heat function for lumbar area
  8. LCD controller to show all massage programs and duration.
  9. For easy mobility, there is a caster at the back of the chair
  10. For different intensities backrest cushion pad is removable
  11. For tapping and kneading, a speed adjustment facility is available.
  12. Automatic timer for 15 minutes
  13. Vibrating and squeezing function available in the armrest
  14. Zero gravity facility available
  15. For customized massage, the optical center will detect pressure points of the body.


While using OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair, some interesting benefits you will get are.

  • Functional
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Spacious
  • Easily accommodate bulky people
  • For personalized massage experience, multiple programs are available
  • Remote control for convenient function
  • For deeper massage zero gravity recline available
  • All pressure points are detected by automatic scan system
  • Full body massage option available
  • For relaxation of tense muscles lumber area heat is available


A few drawbacks you might come across are.

  • It takes a lot of room
  • Heavy and hard to move around
  • Customer service is not reliable

Concluding thoughts

You must have read several Pisces Dolphin II Massage Chair Reviews and checked the ratings against different chairs. The OSIM Uastro2 Massage Chair will always remain at the top because it has complete spa facilities. You can have all the different types of massages that cost extra in a spa center. With different massage movements and rollers, it will be easier for you to enjoy a relaxing massage every day when you return from the office.

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