Sharper Image Massage Chair Reviews

Is it hard for you to fall asleep after working for more than 8 hours a day? Does it feel like your shoulders and back is hurting all the time? Is it hard for you to stretch your muscles properly? These all signs are indicating that you are suffering from stiff muscles. It is a common problem because people often spend hours in front of a computer. They keep working without noticing that their chair is not comfortable. They don’t pay attention to their posture owing to which their muscles become stiff.

If you are diagnosed with this issue, the best solution is having a massage and heat therapy. Heat will help relax and soften the muscles while massage will reduce pain and bring muscles back to their normal position. However, paying for heat therapy and massage on regular basis can be expensive. What if we tell you an alternative that will allow you to have a massage every night? Yes, you are right having a massage chair in office or home is the best solution. No doubt there are several Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews and Sharper Image Massage Chair Reviews but we are here to help you select the best one.

Table of Contents for Sharper Image Chairs

  1. Introduction to Sharper Image Massage Chair
  2. Product description
  3. Product features
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Concluding thoughts

Introduction to Sharper Image Massage Chair Reviews

Sharper Image Review
Sharper Image Massage Chair Reviews

The market is highly competitive. There are several Stronglite Ergo-Pro Massage Chair Reviews available. Some products are off high-quality and expensive while others are off low-quality and cheap. This makes the selection of a reliable product difficult and confusing.

We have the latest Sharper Image Massage Chair for you. It is a recently introduced product in the market which grabbed the attention of customers owing to amazing design and functionality. However, there are some false and misleading reviews available which can cause confusions and doubt. Here we have a complete review of the product to help you understand why it will be a reliable choice.

Product description

Manufacturers of Sharper Image Massage Chair used simple technology to make it easy to use. There is a remote control available that will allow to easily access all functions you need. It has a very attractive minimalistic design. The chair will take only a small space which makes it easy to adjust in any room that you want. The high-quality upholstery will allow you to use your chair the way you like without any wear and tear. The massaging features of Sharper Image Massage Chair are reliable strong. You will get a full body massage anytime you want. It will work for 15 minutes and your entire body will be relaxed you have never worked before.

Full body stretching

Most of massage chairs available in the market will only massage your muscles and relax the body to make you feel good for some time. However, Sharper Image Massage Chair comes with a special stretching facility. Before massaging your body, it will stretch muscles properly to remove trigger points and make it sure that the effect of massage will reach deep muscles of your body. You will love every moment you spend on this massage chair. It will be like your personal spa experience every time you are on the chair.

Variety of massage options

The Sharper Image Massage Chair is developed with some traditional and personal massaging features. You can set it according to requirements of your body to have a perfect massage every time. Some special massage features you will find are.

  1. Custom comfort adjustment
  2. Penetrating neck massage
  3. Focused foot massage programs
  4. Back massage programs
  5. Combo dual massage
  6. Dual-speed massaging
  7. Power recline enhancement

In Sharper Image Massage Chair special focus is given to muscles of your foot. It is believed that all-important pressure points are in feet. If you are able to relax your feet you can easily sooth all other parts of your body. Enjoy your massage.

Product features

Some interesting features you will come across while using the Sharper Image Massage Chair are.

  1. Upholstery is made with genuine leather. It is available in two colors mocha and black.
  2. You can easily recline the chair
  3. The weight of Sharper Image Massage Chair is 178 lbs.
  4. Comes with factory warranty
  5. It is full body stretching capability. You will get a combination of stretching and massage
  6. You will get a tension-relieving experience
  7. It provides a complete home spa experience
  8. There are several new features included in massage chair. From neck to foot, it will massage all parts of your body.
  9. Special human recliner for back massage available will even relax your foot and calf muscles.
  10. Customized robotic massager available with quad rollers.
  11. Foot and calf massage have a rotating facility.


Some advantages you will get by using the massage chair are.

    1. It will target the superficial and deep muscles of your body
    2. Proper relaxation program available to provide complete comfort.
    3. Works on joints, muscles, and tissues to relieve stress
    4. Different massaging facilities available for different parts of the body.
    5. Robotic massager to allow you to adjust settings according to your requirements. There is no need to adjust settings every day.
    6. It takes less space which makes it easy to adjust the chair in any room you like.
  1. Remote makes it easier to control
  2. Improve your health


A few drawbacks you might come across are.

  1. It is heavy and not easy to move.
  2. There is nobody scanner included in the chair.

Concluding thoughts

No doubt there are many amazing products available on the market. But before looking for Super Deluxe Massage Chair Reviews you should know that if you are looking for a product that is affordable and high-quality with reliable massaging features nothing can compete with Sharper Image Massage Chair. It is surely developed with durable material and comes with a factory warranty which means that you are investing your money in a reliable product.

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