Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

Reading Brookstone massage chair reviews is the easiest way to get information about these massage chairs. Although these chairs are all designed by Brookstone, they are manufactured in China. This allows the company to sell its products at modest prices.

Of course, this comes with several drawbacks. For instance, even though the quality of overall Chinese manufacturing has seen some steady improvements in the recent past, the truth is that chairs made in the country are not as long-lasting or as high quality as ones made in Japan, Europe, or locally in the United States. Still, the low pricing is an attractive proposition for many buyers.

Brookstone Review
Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

Even so, this is not to automatically claim that there are no decent massage chairs coming out of China. To be sure, the fact that Brookstone designs its own massage chair, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a good, low priced product.

Read on to learn more about Brookstone massage chairs:


  1. Introducing Brookstone Massage Chairs
  2. Popular Brookstone Massage Chairs
  3. Concluding Thoughts about Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

Introducing Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

The main question you should ask when you read Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews, Daiwa Massage Chair Reviews, Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Reviews, and Brookstone reviews is whether you can expect these products to provide you with value for money.

Essentially, you can be sure that Brookstone massage chairs are among the best available in the marketplace today. In particular, they provide decent value for money. This is because they are highly functional – even though some reviewers claim that they fall way short of being considered exceptional.

From most of the online reviews posted by customers on the internet, you will also come to realize that most of the complaints written about these chairs are not centered on their functionality. Rather, they focus on the after sale support and service from the company – which is not the best.

Even so, some reviews have sung praises to this chair – while others complain that they had problems with arranging service, delivery, shipping, and contacting the manufacturer.

As such, if you invest in a Brookstone massage chair, you should expect to get a good experience out of it.

Popular Brookstone Massage Chairs

That said, you should read on to learn more about some of the models from the Brookstone brand:

The Brookstone Rock and Recline Massage Chair

Not many of the reviews written about Brookstone massage chairs are centered on its entry-level model. This is why you might not have come across the Rock and Recline in the past.

Essentially, it is a relatively small chair that reclines and rocks – as you probably guessed from the name. To this end, if you are shopping for a chair that you can rock yourself in, it is highly likely that you might want to consider this one.

That said, this massage chair was designed for people on a strict budget as well as those who might have tons of space for a large chair. This is because it is fairly lightweight and small.

Of special note is that the Rock and Recline is the only chair from the Brookstone line that only has a 1-year warranty – because every other model boasts a 2-year warranty.

The Brookstone Renew Zero Gravity Chair

Second on our list of Brookstone massage chairs is the Renew 3D zero gravity chair. A much more robust chair, with a similarly low price that enables it outdo other similar chairs in the marketplace.

The design is also effective and it boasts the following features:

  • 3D Roller Technology, which makes this Brookstone massage chair provide massages that resemble what you would get from a human masseuse
  • 9 different automatic program options
  • Advanced massage therapy techniques, including Thai, Shiatsu, clapping, rolling, kneading, and tapping
  • Amazing massage customization and adjustment options
  • Body scanning that auto-adjusts the rollers so that they can fit your back better
  • Body stretching technology
  • Calf and lumbar heat that will prove useful in dealing with chronic pain in the legs
  • Decent air massage that takes advantage of 30-second-generation airbags
  • Foot massage that provides a nice touch especially if you are always on your feet most days
  • Intensity controls both for the airbags and the rollers
  • L-Track Design, which allows the quad rollers to move right from your shoulders and down under the seat; this feature massages the entire body up to the back of the thighs
  • Space Saving Design
  • Speed control for the rollers
  • Spot and zone massage options
  • Zero-G Seating to enhance every massage experience you will get from the Renew massage chair
  • Zone Air Massage Options

The Energize 3D Massage Chair

Even though the Energize 3D chair from Brookstone is widely considered to be a mid-range option, it is actually the most expensive chair from this company. This is because it is packed with enviable features, an attractive design, and many other advantages that you might not necessarily get from the other massage chairs.

As with any other chair from Brookstone, it is a good option – although some reviews claim that it is too underweight in comparison to the other reasonably priced chairs from the company.

Consider the following features that come with the Energize 3D chair:

  • 14 preprogrammed massage routines
  • 3D Massage Rollers
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Body Scanning technology so that the rollers auto-adjust to your back
  • Body stretching functionality
  • Intensity controls both for the rollers and the airbags
  • L-Track that combines with 3D quad rollers to deliver exceptional massage experiences
  • MP3 Support
  • Quality Air Massage with more airbags than you would find with other Brookstone massage chairs
  • Space Saving Design
  • Speed control for the rollers
  • Spot and zone massage functions

Concluding Thoughts about Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

In effect, Brookstone massage chair can be considered to be mid-range in terms of functionality, design, and massage experience. However, since they are so affordable, many people still continue buying them – which is why there are so many reviews posted online.

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